McDonald's Happy Meal logo 1980s.jpg
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The first Happy Meal logo, which had simple "McDonald's HAPPY MEAL" text and a yellow Happy Meal box in a red rounded square.


Happy Meal old.svg

In 1991, the Happy Meal icon was changed to a smiling version of the Golden Arches, and the "McDonald's" text was replaced with their logo. The "HAPPY MEAL" text is the same as before. The 1975 McDonald’s logo would also be used as well.

1997–2003 (USA), 1998–2004 (Philippines)

McDonald's Happy Meal 1997.svg

In late 1997, the logo was updated using a font similar to the promotions used since 1995. The packaging with this logo used the traditional paper bags much like the carry-out bags, as opposed to the signature cardboard box with the Golden Arches handles with Ronald McDonald. This logo was still used in the Philippines until 2004.

1998–2004 (Germany)

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This is a unique alternate version of the Happy Meal logo, as used in Germany until 2004. It had the Cooper font with multicolor outlines on the text, with Ronald McDonald.

2003–2009 (USA), 2003–present (International), 2004–2013 (Philippines)

2003–2006 (United States), 2004–2006 (Philippines), 2003–present (Europe and Latin America)

McDonald's Happy Meal 2003.svg

In September 2, 2003 after the "i’m lovin’ it" slogan was officially introduced, the logo was updated in honor of Happy Meal's 25th anniversary. With this logo, the packaging returned to the signature box with the Golden Arches handles, but using this logo instead of the smile. However, this logo is still used in Europe and Latin America. There is also a version with the URL used on some packages from 2003 until 2009. The version with the URL became prominent by the end of 2006. In some countries, the purple color on the wordmark is colored yellow instead.

2006–2009 (United States), 2006–2013 (Philippines), 2006–present (International)

McDonald's Happy Meal 2006.svg

This logo is still used internationally. Also, some restaurants in the US still used this logo for some toys after 2009.

2009–2014 (USA), 2009–present (International), 2013–present (Philippines)

McDonald's Happy Meal 2009.svg

In 2009, they updated the Happy Meal logo for the Happy Meal's 30th anniversary, and the happy meal text turns red, and in a different font, and the McDonald's logo is replaced by a McDonald's Happy Meal box, going back to the smile from the first logo, stacked on top of the Happy Meal text. This logo is still used as an icon on the USA website, internationally and on boxes.


Happy Mealdotcom.svg

The 2009 logo was modified in 2014 with different colors to celebrate the Happy Meal's 35th anniversary. The circle shape has been removed and the text has been slightly modified and changed to rainbow colors, like the 2003 logo, while the Happy Meal box stays intact. The international mascot, "Happy", as in "Happy Meal" was also brought over to the United States, although this received negative criticism due to his overall creepy appearance.


Happy Meal 2019.svg

This is Happy Meal's official logo, introduced for the meal's 40th anniversary.