1929–1940 1940–1950 1950–1953 1953–1966 1966–1973
1929–1940 1940–1950 1950–1953 1953–1966 1966–1973
1973–1990 1990–1995 1995–2001 2001–2017 2017–present
1973–1990 1990–1995 1995–2001 2001–2017 2017–present

Inter-Island Airways[]


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Hawaiian Airlines was originally founded as Inter-Island Airways in 1929.

Hawaiian Airlines (first era)[]


HawaiianAirlines 1940

Inter-Island Airways was renamed as Hawaiian Airlines in 1940.


HawaiianAirlines 1950
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1952 iiwi bird


HawaiianAirlines 1966

Hawaiian Air[]


HawaiianAir 1973
Designer:  Landor Associates
Typography:  Custom
Launched:  December 6, 1973

In 1973, Hawaiian Airlines was renamed as Hawaiian Air, and its now-iconic Pualani logo was introduced for the first time, created by Landor Associates.

Hawaiian Airlines (second era)[]



HawaiianAirlines 1990

Hawaiian Air had its name reverted back to Hawaiian Airlines in 1990, and kept the 1973 logo until 1995, albeit with the new name.


Hawaiian Airlines old

The 1973/1990 logo was slightly modified in 1995 with different colors.


Hawaiian Airlines

A new corporate identity featuring an updated Pualani emblem was introduced in January 2001. This logo was designed by Addison Branding and Communications.


Hawaiian Airlines logo 2017
Designer:  Lippincott
Typography:  Custom (logo)
Chronicle Display (brand primary)
Slate Pro (brand primary)
Launched:  May 1, 2017

In 2017, Hawaiian Airlines updated their logo after 16 years, featuring an updated Pualani design and a new typeface. On December 3, 2023 the parent companies of both Alaska Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines announced that Alaska would buy Hawaiian for $1.9 billion. The acquisition is set to be completed by 2024. According to both Alaska and Hawaiian, if approved by regulators, the Hawaiian brand will be remained and separated from Alaska brand rather than merge into one airline, although both airline's frequent flyer programs will still be merged into one, and Hawaiian will also be able to join oneworld, the alliance Alaska belongs to, once the acquisition process is completed.