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1939–1954 1954–1974 1974–1981 1979–2008
1939–1954 1954–1974 1974–1981 1979–2008
1999–2012 2008–2014 2009-2014 2012–present
1999–2012 2008–2014 2009-2014 2012–present


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Hewlett-Packard (1979).svg
Logopedia Info.svg

Although this logo was mostly replaced by the next one between 1999–2000, this was still seen on the back of its products, mostly, and later, exclusively on monitors until 2008. In rare cases, during this logo's lifespan, the logo was sometimes seen without the full name on the right, much like its next logo.


Hewlett-Packard old.svg

The full name on the right was removed from the logo. First introduced in November 1999 along with the "invent" branding, 4 months after Carly Fiorina became CEO. It can still be seen on ink carts and some packaging, as well as some used computers and some parts of its software. The HP ProLiant DL380 G7 was one of the last new HP products to carry this logo.



HP New Logo 2D.svg

This is the circle from the previous logo with the colors reversed, and removed from the rectangle, possibly paying homage to its early logos. First spotted in advertising circa June 2008, and began gradually replacing the previous logo starting with the HP Mini later the same year, the rare HP Firebird with VodooDNA 802 & 803 gaming desktops in early 2009, and replaced the previous logo in the OEM information (in Windows Vista & 7) and boot screens, later down the line, and eventually the HP Envy series later that year, though it was still used in tandem with the previous one until 2012, albeit on occasion in some parts. As of 2020 it can still be seen on packaging for ink cartridges, as well as on some parts of its website, including product pages, and the favicon on its main pages (albeit with the color from the current logo), and is still seen on most, if not all of its new products and some packaging, despite being replaced with the current logo in 2012.


HP logo 2008 Alt..svg

The monogram was made slightly larger. Used in tandem with the previous logo until 2014.

HP logo 2012.svg
Designer:  Siegel+Gale
Typography:  Unknown

The logo was refreshed with a new color, basing its design off the previous logo. Created by Siegel+Gale, when this logo debuted with the HP Discover event of June 2012 (including its promotions before then), along with the tagline "Make it matter.", the previous logo and the darker tone version was still used on DWA films and newer products until 2014. As of November 2015, its enterprise division was broken away into Hewlett Packard Enterprise, while this company continues at HP Inc. today, legally alternating with HP Development Company, L.P., as it has been since 1998.

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