Not to be confused with the UK TV series of the same name.

Hey Hey It's Saturday was a long-running prime-time Variety/Slapstick program that ran on the Nine Network from 9 October 1971 to 20 November 1999.

Hey Hey It's Saturday (first era)

1971-1977, 1979-1983

Hey Hey It's Saturday premiered on GTV-9 on 9 October 1971 as a Saturday morning kid's show. It later premiered on TCN-9 on 8 September 1973.


HHIS 1977


HH 1979

After a brief recess in 1978 where Daryl and Ossie moved to the 0-10 Network and presented the game show The Daryl and Ossie Show, the two went back to Nine and in March 1979, Hey Hey returned.


HHIS 1980


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Hey Hey It's Saturday Night


On 11 February 1984, the Nine Network moved Hey Hey It's Saturday to prime-time and renamed it Hey Hey It's Saturday Night.

Hey Hey It's Saturday (second era)


On 1 June 1985, the show reverted to its original name.

HHIS 1985


HHIS 1986-99

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1987 - Hey Hey It's John Farnham


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On 1 June 1991, Hey Hey It's Saturday aired the special Hey Hey it's Movie World from Warner Bros. Movie World on the Gold Coast. It would air a week later on New Zealand's TV2 (now TVNZ 2) as a specially pre-recorded package version titled Hey Hey Goes to the Movies.

1991 - Hey Hey It's Hollywood 1
1991 - Hey Hey It's Hollywood 2

On 9 and 16 November, Hey Hey It's Saturday celebrated its 20th anniversary with two shows beamed live from the Hollywood studios of Warner Bros. California.


HHIS 1992 1
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On 5 December, Hey Hey it's Saturday celebrated its 21st birthday in the final episode for 1992.


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1993 2


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Hey Hey it's the Grand Prix (12-11-94)

On November 12, Hey Hey it's Saturday aired a special episode live from the Adelaide Grand Prix.


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Hey Hey it's Walt Disney World (19-10-96)

On 19 and 26 October 1996, Hey Hey It's Saturday celebrated both it and Walt Disney World Florida's 25th anniversary with two specials. This came about after the theme park approached Hey Hey to produce some shows commemorating the special occasion.


HH 1998
Hey Hey It's the Grand Prix (7-3-98)

On 7 March 1998, Hey Hey It's Saturday presented a show live from the Melbourne Grand Prix.


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Hey Hey It's Saturday was axed in 1999 with the last episode airing on 20 November. The title card seen here is from said final episode.

Hey Hey It's Saturday (third era)


New Hey Hey It's Saturday Logo

In 2009, the show returned for two reunion specials followed in 2010 by a series of twenty episodes.


HHIS Reunion Logo
Hey Hey It's Saturday The Reunion (2009) 2

The first reunion special aired 30 September. This was followed by a second on 7 October.



Following the success of the reunion specials, the show returned on 14 April and ran til 21 July. The show returned on 16 October and concluded its run on 27 November.


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