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1999-2001 1999-2004 2001–2005 2006–2008 2009–2013 2017

1999–2011, 2017


Hi-5 Logo 1999-2001.png

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The series began on 12 April 1999. This logo was used from series 1 to 3 and sometimes it appears in the intro and during the credits. The fingers don't wiggle, but became a still animation.



This logo was used until 2004: the hand would be tilted to the right. However, the four fingers began wiggling twice after the closing credits except for the thumb which wasn’t added until 2003.



The logo became a bit cleaner in 2001 from series 3 to 7: the fingers don't begin wiggling until 2003, but it was only seen in both intros from series 3 and 4 while staying completely still. This was also used in the USA version, but however the fingers began to wiggle. This would also be used in the framework for children. Starting in 2005 (series 7), it appears in the closing credits. The hand tilted to its side, then it turned straight while the background changes its colour from purple to yellow (light blue on the DVD Mix it Up). At the end, the fingers began wiggling, and then it flies away during the start of the on-screen Kids Like Us logo.


Hi 5 Logo 2006-08.png

The logo alternated from series 8 to 10 when a new opening occurs. This is the first 3D animated logo. However, some lines were almost invisible refitting that the hand was a purple recolour. This logo was used from time to time in the UK version of the programme in 2008. The fingers became animated via wiggling in the intro.


Hi 5 2009-2013.png

The third and final logo in 3D, was used in series 11 until 13. The colour of the hand was made magenta. The white outline is added to the green contour and the minus next to the number 5 is crimson red, but still pink. After the ending credits the fingers began to wiggle.


Logo hi5 2017 original ID.png

The series was revived on 15 May 2017. The original logo's colours, seen in 1999, gained a surprise comeback while still being in 3D. The fingers, this time, don't wiggle and the hand stayed completely still, just like the previous logo from series 1 to 3.