Hot Wheels® is the brand name of a line of miniature toy automotive vehicles (predominantly racing cars), modular racetrack sets and other accessories, manufactured since 1968 by Mattel. The miniatures are often styled to resemble actual production cars from both the mass-market and racing worlds, and are among the company's best-selling and best-known products.


Hot Wheels 1968 Hot Wheels 1969 Hot Wheels 1973 Hot Wheels 1993 logo
1968–1969 1969–1973 1973–1990 1990–2000
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2000–2004 2004–2010 2010–present 2014–present


Hot Wheels 1968
This is the earliest version of the logo, using Mattel's original corporate logo and the tagline "Fastest Metal Cars in the World!" This tagline appears in no other versions of the logo.


Hot Wheels 1969

For the product's second year, the logo was updated. The color red was darkened, the recently updated Mattel company logo was added, and the tagline was dropped.


Hot Wheels 1973
This is the only orange version of the logo.


This is the first and only version to feature a thin black outline of the overall logo. The letters "Hot Wheels" appear in two colors, rather than plain white, for the first time.


Hot Wheels 2000 logo

The biggest change in this version was the Mattel logo being eliminated altogether. The logo itself was also given a three-dimensional look.


Hot Wheels 2005 logo



Hot Wheels logo

The logo's shape more resembles that of the original.


HW Logo

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