Hoyts Cinemas is a Chinese-owned Australian cinema chain, and is also the largest cinema group in Australia.

Hoyt's Pictures


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Hoyts was founded in 1909 as Hoyt's Pictures.

Hoyts Theatres Limited


Until 1980, Hoyts did not use a proper logo. Instead, the word "Hoyts" written in all-capital letters in a sans-serif typeface was sported.



Hoyts (red variant).svg

This logo was introduced throughout 1980, consisting of the word "Hoyts" in blocky letters. The H and the T are in extended form while the O, the Y and the S are in short form. This logo lasted for 27 years until the 2007 revamp. Despite that, Hoyts' distribution arm continued to use this logo for another six years until StudioCanal acquired them in 2012 (which later took on the StudioCanal name in March 2013).


Hoyts New.svg

In 2007, Hoyts modified its 1980 logo. The word "Hoyts" now appears in a different font, no longer being in blocky letters, and the four squares were added into the left of it. During this logo's early usage, one of the squares at the top had an outline, which was then filled in (like the other three) later in its life.