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Hrvatska radiotelevizija (HRT) is a Croatian public broadcasting company operating several radio and television channels over domestic transmitter & satellite networks. In 2014, more than 85% of HRT's revenue came from television licencing fees with each household required to pay 79 HRK (~€10) per month for a single television set, with the remainder being made up from advertising which is limited by law. HRT is divided into three joint companies - Hrvatski radio, Hrvatska televizija and Glazbena proizvodnja.

Radiotelevizija Zagreb


RTV Zagreb logo.png
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Until 1990, HRT was known as Radiotelevizija Zagreb as a regional television service of the JRT.

Hrvatska radiotelevizija


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It was first planned to rename RTZ to HRTV, but this version was never used.


HRT 1991.svg

In June 1990, the Croatian Parliament renamed RTZ to HRT. In 1993, the company became a full member of the EBU. Though this version is related to the HRT satellite channel, it is possible that it was aired on normal channels; mostly on HRT1. Again, since the number of the channel is unspecified, it was probably aired on HRT1 or 2.

By 1999, this logo remained in use as a secondary logo.


HRT znak bijelo.png
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In late 1999, the logo was slightly modified.

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