Huesitos (Spanish for bones) is a Latin American brand of flavored milk drink produced by Dairy Partners Americas, a joint venture of Nestlé and Fonterra.

In some countries, it was marketed as a Nestlé brand, with the exception in Venezuela and Chile, where it's marketed under Fonterra/Soprole umbrella. It also shared the same characters from another Fonterra brand in Indonesia, Boneeto until 2016.

2002–2006 (Venezuela and Ecuador), 2002–201? (Chile)

Huesitos 2002

2006–2015 (Venezuela and Ecuador)

Huesitos notas

In 2006, the Nestlé dairy logo was added in some countries in Latin America.

2015–present (Venezuela and Ecuador)

Huesitos nuevo

201?–present (Chile)

Huesitos cl

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