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Hungama, meaning ‘commotion’ or ‘excitement’, is an Indian children’s TV channel which shows primarily the Japanese children’s cartoon shows Doraemon and Shin Chan, alongside some local Indian productions.

It was originally launched by UTV Software Communications, which was later acquired by The Walt Disney Company India and also runs Disney Channel, Marvel HQ (formerly Disney XD) and Disney Junior in the kids’ genre.


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The initial logo of the channel was unveiled on 7 June 2004 and the channel was launched that autumn, around the same time as Turner’s Pogo channel.


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In 2005, a few months after the channel’s launch, the logo was changed to a colourful spiral, which is used to this day.
With the acquisition of Star by The Walt Disney Company India in March 2019, Hungama and the other Disney kids’ channels in India are now sister channels of BabyTV.

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