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1971–1995 1995–present 2001 (unused)
1971–1995 1995–present 2001 (unused)

Hungry Jack's is the Australian division of Burger King. The difference in the name is due to trademark issues regarding to a South Australian owned takeaway food shop in Adelaide. Due to this trademarking issue, Burger King provided the Australian franchisee Jack Cowin with a list of possible alternatives derived from the already pre-existing trademarks already registered to Burger King. Cowin selected the "Hungry Jack" brand name, from one of Pillsbury's U.S. Pancake Mixture products, the name was slightly changed to a possessive form by adding an apostrophe and an "s" to form a new brand name, "Hungry Jack's". Today of course, Hungry Jack's is now owned by Competitive Foods Australia.


Hungry Jack's 1971.svg

Hungry Jack's started operations on 19 June 1971. This is actually the same logo used by Burger King two years earlier, but the "Burger King" text was replaced with the "Hungry Jack's" text. The burger buns were also changed to be yellow.


Hungry Jack's.svg

Introduced in early 1995, this logo is a modified version of the previous logo with the text looking a lot less cartoony, just like Burger King which used it a year earlier. Starting in 2021, the logo now matches the Burger King logo more closely, as Burger King introduced a modified version of their 1994 logo.

2001 (unused)

Hungry Jack's 2001 Unused.svg

In 2001, the Hungry Jack's logo was redesigned to match the 1999 Burger King logo by Australian design firm Renelt Belic Design. However, it went unused as Burger King left the country in 2002.

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