Hutch, founded in 2004 as CallLink, is a mobile network operator in Sri Lanka and the only company to use the Hutch brand after its Indian namesake rebranded to Vodafone in 2007. Hutch, like its Indian namesake before 2007, is owned by CK Hutchison Holdings (formerly Hutchison Whampoa Limited).

In November 2018, CK Hutchison Holdings acquired Etisalat’s Sri Lankan operations, with the intention to merge the Hutch and Etisalat brands and create a stronger competitor to Dialog Axiata and Mobitel, which dominate the telecom market in the country. The merger will reduce the number of telecom operators in the country from five to four (Dialog, Mobitel, Hutch—which will eventually replace the Etisalat brand—and Airtel).

For the Indian telecom operator known as Hutch until 2007, see Vodafone (India).



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Hutch Sri Lanka Old.jpg

The logo was the same as the Hutch logo used in India until 2005, when a pink logo was introduced there until it rebranded to Vodafone in 2007.


Hutch Sri Lanka.svg

The symbol was removed, leaving only the wordmark.

CK Hutchison Holdings announced the acquisition of Etisalat Sri Lanka from Etisalat on 30 November 2018. The acquisition was completed on 27 May 2019.


Hutch Sri Lanka 2019.png

Shortly before the acquisition of Etisalat was completed in May, Hutch Sri Lanka introduced a new logo on 9 April 2019.