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Rainbow R2/R4


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Before I4, it was split into two different Rainbow routes; R2 and R4. R2 terminates in Sandiacre along with R4, but, R4, however, terminates in Derby.

Rainbow 4


Rainbow 4 2001 logo

R2 and R4 got merged together to make Rainbow 4, with buses running every 10 minutes and a low floor interior.


Rainbow 4 logo

After the big merge of Trent and Barton companies, Rainbow 4 finally got an upgrade in 2005 with more seats and real time information, powered by Star Trak.



I4 2012

Before Trent Barton's refurbishment, Rainbow 4 got a new name with new looks. These buses were shown in 2011, but, hit the road as the first route in the new livery in 2012.


I4 2018

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