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1994–2001 2001–2010 2010–2014 2014–2018 2018–present
1994–2001 2001–2010 2010–2014 2014–2018 2018–present

The Independent Film Channel


Independent Film Channel 2000.svg

The channel debuted on September 1, 1994, under the ownership of Rainbow Media, a subsidiary of Cablevision Systems Corporation; IFC originated as a spin-off of then-sibling channel Bravo, which focused at that time on a wider variety of programming than IFC, including arts-related programming. The Independent Film Channel originally operated as a commercial-free service, with films being shown without interruption. Its first logo was created by Brian Dieck of newly formed The Diecks Group.



IFC 2001.svg

In 2001, Independent Film Channel unveiled a new logo, renaming itself on-screen to IFC; however, its legal name as "Independent Film Channel" was unchanged until 2014. This logo is still being used by its movie and theater counterparts.



Independent Film Channel (IFC) logo.svg
Designer:  Feel Good Anyway
Typography:  Eagle Bold (modified)
Launched:  Unknown

In March 2010, the channel slightly refocused from a independent film channel to including more comedy programming. This restructuring strategy also included a modified logo with a bolder font with rounded corners and removing the notch on the "I" and the introduction of the current slogan "Always on. Slightly off." The new look was created by Portland-based Feel Good Anyway.


IFC Logo.svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Eagle Bold (modified)
Launched:  Unknown

The 2010 logo was modified on May 1, 2014 by no longer having the letters filled in and readjusting it on three-dimensional angle.


IFC 2018.svg
Designer:  Gretel
Typography:  Eagle Bold (modified)
Launched:  Unknown

The 2014 logo was modified on October 1, 2018 by removing the outlines around it.