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1958–1982 1982–1992 1992–2003 1994–2015 2015–present
1958–1982 1982–1992 1992–2003 1994–2015 2015–present

International House of Pancakes



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IHOP was established in 1958 as the International House of Pancakes.



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1992–1994 (primary logo), 1994–2003 (secondary logo)

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From 1992 to 2003, this logo was used simultaneously with the next, more simplistic logo. In 2003, it was gradually phased out in favor of the next logo. It is still used at a few scant locations.



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Similar to the previous logo, except the "International House of Pancakes" wordmark was simply replaced with the acronym "IHOP". This logo would go on to be the longest-running used for the company, It lasted for 21 years. It is still used at some locations.


IHOP 2015.svg

In June 2015, IHOP changed its logo for the first time in 21 years, with a logo containing a curve under the 1994 wordmark resembling a smile (the "O" and "P" are the eyes while the half of "P" serves as the nose). This change was rumored to be made in order to make IHOP look "happier", as if the former was "frowning" (although ads in the "Come Hungry, Leave Happy" campaign had the banner curving upwards as if it was smiling). Also, the word "Restaurant" was dropped from the logo.




In 2018, the P in the logo was turned upside down to look like a B to promote their burgers. A lot of people took this change seriously, thinking it was real, but it returned to its usual look after a short time.

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