Iglesia Ni Cristo Television



In 2000, Christian Era Broadcasting Service Inc. officially launched its own Cable and Satellite TV network as "Iglesia Ni Cristo Television" Its logo featured the two rings, first ring its quarter ring shape left top in colored Green and its second ring its quarter ring right below in colored Red and the pie ring shape in colored White, also the Golden Lampstand inside the quarter circles. it also the "Iglesia Ni Cristo" word on the top and the "Television" word on below. similar to the INC flag (the colors represent faith, hope and love while the seven-branched candelabrum or menorah represents the church in the Bible).

On July 20, 2005, The Iglesia ni Cristo Television was replaced by two separate channels under CEBSI, GEM TV (Global Expansion Media Television) on UHF Channel 49 and the Iglesia Ni Cristo Television (it was return on September 2, 2005 until October 30, 2012) on SkyCable Channel 61 (later moved to Channel 136).




On July 21, 2005, CEBSI was relaunched as "GEM TV (Global Expansion Media Television)" on UHF Channel 49, the network branding was named after INC's Grand Evangelical Mission, its the same Iglesia Ni Cristo Television 2001 logo the quarter ring shape left top in colored Green was changed in colored Light Purple and the quarter ring right below in colored Red was retained, the pie ring shape in colored White and the Golden Lampstand was removed and replaced by the Silver Globe on the Red quarter ring right below.

2009-2012 (Digital TV only)


This logo was only used for its digital terrestrial television test channel. GEM TV, with a help from the Japanese government and Net 25, launched GEM HD (stylized as gemHD) in 2009. It was the first TV network to broadcast in Full HD using the ISDB-T digital terrestrial television standard. Unlike its main analog TV/cable counterpart, this channel at that time usually simulcasts programs from Net 25 with some HD test videos. This channel was dropped in 2012 in favor of a HD feed of INC TV and added Net 25 HD as a second subchannel.




On October 31, 2012, coinciding with the birthday of Iglesia ni Cristo's Executive Minister Eduardo Manalo, GEM TV merged with Iglesia Ni Cristo Television was officially rebranded as simply "INC TV" on UHF Channel 49 (now moved to UHF Channel 48), The logo featured the Circle rings and the Globe in the returning colored Green, it also the "INC" word in colored White and the "TV" word in colored Red.