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ITV2 yellow

ITV2 was launched on 7 December 1998. The first look was designed by English & Pockett.[1]



ITV2 logo 2001

A new look for the channel was also designed by English & Pockett and it was launched on 19 November 2001 to bring ITV2 in line with ITV1.

"We created a branding solution that builds on ITV1's positioning and reinforces the modern and active character of ITV2.
ITV2 is all about doing, entertaining, playing and winning. While the graphic presentation is modern and stylised, the use of conversation and realistic effects in the sound design make the brand feel human and accessible.
The modern styling is based on typography and language. The idents are active – swimming, dancing, bowling, fairground attractions – positive lifestyle attributes." - English & Pockett


ITV 2 2002

The logo had a three-dimensional effect applied on 28 October 2002.


ITV2 logo 2003

This logo, created by Bruce Dunlop and Associates was launched on 14 July 2003.[2] It would also be used by ITV1 from November 2004. The ITV2 logo is inverted.

"Our new design work on ITV2 has created a more focused look for the channel, creating a brand that does justice to its strong position in the market. We set out to show that there is a whole other side to ITV and in doing so strengthened both ITV1 and ITV2. Our idea to ‘flip’ the three blue blocks and one yellow block of ITV1 to the opposite ratio for ITV2 was the natural visual realisation of this. This allowed us to have fun with the channel and at the same time create a distinctive, uncompromising attitude and look." - Matt Piper, designer, Bruce Dunlop & Associates



ITV2 logo 2006

A new look for ITV1, ITV2 and ITV3 were launched on 16 January 2006. It was created by Red Bee Media .

"ITV2 programming has an addictive quality to it – you just can’t help watching it! As a result, the creative idea for the branding for this channel is centred around fun, excess, and general over-the-topness – too much of everything. It’s a journey through a visually rich, vibrant and stylish ITV2 environment. The idents use a mixture of live action and animation to bring this world to life. This is also taken through into the on-screen design elements from promo ends to menus to break bumpers" - ITV plc press release[3]



ITV2 logo 2008

A new look for ITV2 was launched on 20 August 2008. The previous logo was retained, however it was always presented in three-dimensions at a pronounced angle. The numeral within the logo became a metallic silver.



ITV2 logo 2013

As part of the ITV rebranding on 14 January 2013, ITV2 received a "hot red" version of the 2013 ITV logo, establishing ITV2 as the "home of infectious entertainment".


ITV2 logo 2015

On 12 August 2015, ITV2 received a further new look and ditched their red color. The previous logo was retained, however it is now seen in a variety of colours, usually a teal-turquoise gradient variant in trailers and publicity.