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TV Ark


1981 (pre-launch)

Central Logo 1981.svg

This was designed in 1981, but it ended up only used as an pre-launch logo.



Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Erbar Neo Mini

Central's first logo was a shaded sphere, first used for prelaunch promos in late 1981. In the first on-screen idents, the ball would start out "eclipsed" with a corona appearing. It would then open to reveal brightly sparking lights before closing again and ending up slightly shaded with the word "Central" written underneath. The identity was developed with the help of Minale Tattersfield, who had also designed Thames TV's famous skyline ident.


Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Erbar Neo Mini

The ident logo was later replaced by an updated version. The new ball was white and shaded with the colours of the visible spectrum. This logo was also used from January 1, 1982.


Central Logo 1987 (Outlined).svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Erbar Neo Mini

In 1985, Central started using a computerised version of their logo before regional programming. In this version, the ball had become a circle-shaped plate which was divided into twelve blocks. This logo was named the "aspirin" and was also given its more familiar nickname, the "cake". The cake and the ball were used alongside each other for several years in the eighties, before the cake became the company's only and official logo. This logo sometimes came without the "CENTRAL" lettering.

1989–1990 (ITV)

Central 1989.svg
Designer:  English Markell Pockett
Typography:  Palatino

1989 endcap.


Central 1998.svg
Designer:  Lambie-Nairn
Typography:  Gill Sans

In 1998, the cake was abandoned and Central got a new look, designed by Lambie-Nairn. The logo simply became the word "Central" written with capital letters in Gill Sans. The new look was based on the look used by Carlton TV at the time.

The idents feature the letters of the logo animating cleverly on the screen. The words Carlton and Central incidentially contain almost the same letters, so several of Carlton's idents could be easily adapted to fit Central.

Carlton Central


Carlton 1999.svg

In September 1999, Central was renamed Carlton Central after its parent company. The Central name did however remain for certain purposes, such as regional news. After ITV plc was formed in 2004, the Carlton name was no longer used and the Central name was brought back.

ITV1 for Central England


ITV Central 2003.svg

ITV Central


ITV Central 2004.svg


ITV Central.svg


ITV Central 2013.svg


ATV Midlands
ITV Central
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