ITV HD logo 2008.svg

ITV HD was first launched in 2006 as part of a trial broadcast of terrestrial HDTV in the London area. When this trial ended, the service was closed down and this logo was short-lived.

Interestingly, this trial service had its own idents. They would start out with the ITV HD logo at the centre, that would then "open" in a manner similar to the "Emotion" idents that were running on ITV at the time. However, instead of images of people showing emotions, the ITV HD idents featured scenes and landmarks in London.


ITV HD logo.svg

In June 2008, ITV HD returned as an interactive service exclusive to the new satellite platform Freesat.

In April 2010 a HD simulcast of ITV was launched (it was called ITV1 at the time), causing ITV HD to close.