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2002–2004 2004–2006 2006–2009 2009–2010 2010–2013 2013–present
2002–2004 2004–2006 2006–2009 2009–2010 2010–2013 2013–present


ITV News (Old).png
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A 2D flat version of this logo was introduced at the relaunch of the ITN News Channel as the ITV News Channel in 2002. This version, using the word 'News' in lowercase intead of uppercase, was introduced at the same time a new 3D bevel version of the 1999 ITV logo was launched across ITV after the ITV1 relaunch in October 2002.


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A new look for ITV News was launched on 2 February 2004.


ITV News 2006 monochrome.svg


ITV News 2006.svg

In January 2006, the ITV News logo changed as a result of the ITV corporate logo being replaced.


ITV News 2009.svg

A 'brand realignment' project was the main focus of the new look of ITV News in November 2009. The new colours integrate the brand more closely with ITV1 as a channel, instead of ITV as a whole.


ITV News 2010.svg

A short time after ITV1 refreshed their logo which added a gradient and rounded corners, ITV News adopted the new design as well - reaffirming the fact that the brand is now meant to be closely affiliated with ITV1 as a channel. Some other changes were made to the set, graphics and music.


ITV News 2013.svg
Designer:  ITV Creative (logo)
Lambie-Nairn (on-air)
Typography:  ITV Reem
Launched:  Unknown

As part of the ITV rebranding in 2013, ITV News received a teal version of the 2013 ITV logo.