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News at Ten (first era)



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NOTE: Depending on starting time, the clock face displays the appropriate time (Eg. 10:08 if the bulletin started eight minutes later than scheduled).


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ITV Nightly News


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On Friday 5th March 1999, 'News at Ten' was axed, so the following Monday, ITV launched the 'ITV Nightly News'. It was regularly shown at 11pm on Monday-Friday until the bulletin was axed on Friday 19th January 2001.

ITV News at Ten (first era)


ITV News at Ten 2001.jpg

On Monday 22nd January 2001, ITV brought back 'News at Ten' under the 'ITV News' brand.


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On Monday 23rd June 2003, ITV refreshed its news titles to change the colour scheme from 'Red and Blue' to 'Yellow and Blue' - The colours of the ITV Logo.

ITV News at 10.30



On Monday 2nd February 2004, ITV refreshed their news bulletins with a new look using ITV's 4-square motif. Also, that night, ITV News at Ten was axed and moved to 10.30pm. Hence why it was called 'ITV News at 10.30'.


ITV News Titles (2006).jpg

On Monday 16th January 2006, ITV News has had a new look following the change of corporate logo.


ITV News Titles (2008).jpg

On Saturday 1st December 2007, ITV News went widescreen.

News at Ten (second era)


News at Ten 2008.jpg

On Monday 14th January 2008, 'News at Ten' was brought back for the third time since its original axing in 1999.

ITV News at Ten (second era)


ITV News 2009.JPG

On Monday 2nd November 2009, ITV has completely overhauled their news system by changing the name of the bulletin, in this case 'News at Ten' to 'ITV News at Ten'.


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To coincide with ITV1's new logo, ITV News has changed their logo slightly on Monday 24th May 2010.



On Monday 14th January 2013, to coincide with ITV's major rebrand, ITV News have completely overhauled their bulletins.


ITV News at Ten Logo (2016).png

On Monday 11th January 2016, ITV News at Ten had a relaunch following the announcement that Tom Bradby is to present News at Ten from Monday 12th October 2015.

Opening Titles as of 11th January 2016.

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