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Harlech Logo 1968.svg

Harlech Television began broadcasting on the 20th of May 1968 with the corresponding franchise changes made by the Independent Television Authority, and replacing the old franchise holder for the West of England, TWW. However, TWW closed prematurely, so the ITA had to create an emergency service until Harlech was ready to go on-air. Its logo consisted on various lines with the "HARLECH" text in inverted colours. While this logo would not appear clear on televisions with the 625-line system, it would appear correctly on televisions with the 405-line system, as the ident was designed for that system.

HTV West


HTV West.svg

Later, in 1970, Harlech Television changed its name to HTV, and would launch what would later become its most famous logo. It consisted on a stylised ligature of the new name with diagonal and horizontal lines. To differentiate HTV for the West of England from HTV's operations in Wales, HTV West included the word "WEST" at the top of the logo, between the right diagonal of the "H" and the final diagonal of the "V".

1989–1992 (ITV)

Designer:  English Markell Pockett
Typography:  Palatino
Launched:  Unknown

This logo followed the generic ITV graphics of 1989. Once again, to differentiate HTV West from HTV Wales, the word "HTV WEST" was added below the modified logo. This would be the last time that HTV would differentiate its operations in Wales and the West of England.




In 1993, HTV introduced a new logo, which consisted on the name written on a special sans-serif typeface. The "V" was represented as two equilateral triangles placed vertically, with the one at the top being smaller and placed above the bottom triangle (although a line was used to separate the triangles when the logo appeared in 2D). From this time onwards, HTV would merge the two sub-brands (HTV Wales and HTV West) back into one. Initially, the 2D logo appeared in blue.


HTV logo 1993.svg

In 1995, the default colour for the HTV logo became yellow.

1998 (30th Anniversary)


HTV logo 1999.svg
Designer:  English & Pockett
Typography:  Unknown
Launched:  Unknown

In 1999, HTV began using the main ITV brand alongside many of the other ITV franchises. However, the yellow HTV logo continued being used on-screen, now inside a rectangle with a blue border, placed over the ITV logo.


HTV logo 2001.svg

In 2001, as the ITV channel rebranded into ITV1, the logo was slightly modified. Now, the HTV logo switched its colour to use the same blue tone as the rectangle's border, and the ITV logo was changed to the ITV1 logo.

ITV West of England


ITV West of England.svg

On 28 October 2002, the ITV1 name was imposed on all the stations in England and Wales. Because of this, the HTV name was dropped after 34 years, and the transmitters for the region became known as simply ITV1 West of England.


ITV West of England 2003.svg

In 2003, the caption "WEST OF ENGLAND" was replaced with the caption "for the West of England". This meant that the name could be interpreted as ITV1 for the West of England.

ITV West


ITV West 2004.svg

In 2004, ITV1 for the West of England was renamed to ITV West (although on-screen it was named ITV1 West as it still belonged to ITV1).


ITV West.svg

In 2009, ITV West merged with ITV Westcountry (which operated between 1993 and 2009) to create the new region ITV West Country which still exists today.