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ITV Yorkshire, previously named Yorkshire Television (and commonly referred to as YTV) is the regional version of the British network ITV for the Yorkshire franchise area (with its headquarters located in Leeds). ITV Yorkshire went on-air on the 29 July 1968.

Yorkshire Television

1967–1968 (pre-launch)

Designed 1967. This was a pre-launch logo before it was replaced with the 1968 logo. On screen, it was only seen on production captions on school programs made by Yorkshire before it started its franchise.


Yorkshire TV 1968.svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Helvetica
Launched:  July 29th, 1968

Yorkshire Television began in 1968, after the previous northern franchise was split by the Independent Television Authority (later Independent Broadcasting Authority), with Granada Television continuing to broadcast to the north-west. Two companies applied for the new franchise; "Telefusion Yorkshire Ltd" and "Yorkshire Independent Television", the companies eventually performed a 'shotgun marriage' becoming Yorkshire Television. During most of its history, their symbol was the Chevron (which represented the "Y" in Yorkshire).


During the beginning of the 1970s, ITV broadcast in colour for the first time. In 1987, Yorkshire aired its Liquid Gold ident, which at the time cost £40,000 (~£110,000 in 2019) to make.

1989-1991 (ITV)

Designer:  English Markell Pockett
Typography:  Palatino
Launched:  Unknown

In 1989, ITV made their first generic look. After 1990, this version was only used on programme slides until 1994.


1991–1994 (ITV)


With the beginning of the 1990s, the triangle was dropped probably due to only one part of the symbol on the triangle. The logo zooms into the screen after the ITV logo forms.

In June 1992, Yorkshire Television resumed its previous alliance with Tyne Tees Television, forming Yorkshire Tyne Tees Television.



Ytv nighttime ident t1271a.jpg

1994-1996 endcap.

Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Bembo
Launched:  Unknown


Ytv 3 ident a.jpg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Friz Quadrata
Launched:  Unknown

From September 2nd 1996 to March 8th 1998, Yorkshire Television used the Channel 3 branding. However, unlike the full takeover of that rebrand on Tyne Tees, Yorkshire still used its iconic Chevron, though now referred to as Channel 3 Yorkshire. On June 26th 1997, Yorkshire-Tyne Tees Television was bought by Granada plc.



Yorkshire 1999.svg

Designer:  English & Pockett (Hearts idents)
Oktane (local)
Rob Curtis (local)
Typography:  Bank Gothic
Launched:  November 8th, 1999

ITV 1999 - Who Did It


200px-Yorkshire 2001.svg.png

ITV became ITV1 on 11th August 2001. This is an example of the Yorkshire version.

2001-2004 (icon)


This icon was only used between 2001 and 2004 by Yorkshire's then parent company, Granada. It follows the trend of the other icons used back then: a flat logo coloured white-pink over a purple background. It was primarily used in endboards.

ITV Yorkshire


ITV Yorkshire 2002.svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  "ITV" - OCR-B (modified)
"1" - Frutiger Bold
"YORKSHIRE" - Franklin Gothic Medium
Launched:  October 28th, 2002

On October 28th 2002, Yorkshire Television became ITV Yorkshire as all ITV stations adopted the ITV1 branding, and the Chevron was dropped after 34 years of the symbol. Currently, the name ITV Yorkshire is used only for regional programming.


ITV Yorkshire 2004.svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  "ITV" - OCR-B (modified)
"YORKSHIRE" - Franklin Gothic Medium
Launched:  2004


ITV Yorkshire.svg


ITV Yorkshire 2013.svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Custom wordmark ("ITV")
Launched:  January 14th, 2013
Granada (weekdays)
ABC Weekend Television (weekends)
ITV Yorkshire