Fictional.svg This article is for a fictional entity.
The information contained is not real, but accurate to the lore of WipEout (video game series).

Icaras is a team from the futuristic racing game series WipEout.

The order of the team's emblems is by the series' chronology.

F7200 era

Icaras 3.png

Due to a lack of success on the track during the F7200 league, Icarus (who didn't represent a particular nation being a millionaire's pet project) shut its doors. They were restarted after Great Britain broke away from FEISAR (which represents the whole of Europe) and needed on-track representatives of their own in the FX300 league.

FX300 era

Icaras pure.png

FX350-400 era

Icaras pulse.png