2007-2008 2008-2009 2013-present
2007-2008 2008-2009 2013-present

First era (as a Pay TV channel)


Main logo

The channel's programming consisted of programs aimed at the business area with three cores: business management, career management and good living, aimed at the entrepreneurial audience, eager for information and attentive to world events, professionals who live the daily challenge of showing good results for the company, remain competitive in the job market and still have time for personal life. It also had news flash bulletins throughout all the programming.


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Alternate logo

Second era (as a Free-to-air TV network)

2013 (pre-launch and off-screen, as TV Abril)

Tentative logo for a second iteration of TV Abril. (2013)

In September 30, 2013, after a hard economic crisis, the free-to-air network MTV Brasil ended its activities and Grupo Abril returned the rights of the MTV brand on Brazil to Viacom, which used it as a new pay TV channel. Days before the closure, Abril announced it would reutilize the TV Abril brand - used before the MTV launch - as a new TV network focused on entrepreneurial audience, as well as Ideal TV.


IdealTV 2013.svg

At 12am on October 1st, 2013, a second iteration of Ideal TV went on air - but called TV Abril off-screen - reprising programs and footages from its first era. In December, Abril sold the network to Spring Comunicação - which planned an E!-inspired entertainment channel at the time - making Ideal TV its official name off-screen.

Still operated by Abril - due to the pending approval of the sale -, Ideal TV started retransmitting partially AgroBrasil TV in March 2014, after it have run out all its footage library. But, later that year, 22 hours a day of its programming schedule were rented for retransmission of religious networks - Rede Mundial (2014-2017; 2018-present) and TV Universal (2017-2018) - while the other 2 hours rotated between Telecurso, news bulletin from AFP, NBR' and TV Brasil' productions and Jornal Ideal - the only program produced by the network since 2013 - maintaining that practice until today.

In October 2020, it was announced that Ideal TV would be replaced by a new youth-oriented channel named Loading. But in December 2 - 1 day before the shutdown - a new agreement with Rede Mundial was made, keeping the network only on its analog satellite feed. Currently, the channel is on the air only on satellite dishes.

MTV Brasil
BRZ (satellite)
Ideal TV (free-to-air)
Loading (broadcast)