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TV Abril


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TV Abril is founded by Grupo Abril in 1989, on UHF channel 32 in São Paulo.

Rede de Televisão Abril


Rede de Televisão Abril

In 1990, the Grupo Abril siged an partnership with Viacom to launch MTV Brasil via TV Abril. In MTV Brasil debut ads, TV Abril is cited as Rede de Televisão Abril. Today, MTV Brasil's free-to-air network is not more called as Abril.

MTV Brasil

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MTV (1981)


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MTV (2010)

TV Abril (tentative)


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Ideal TV


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In 30 September 2013, Grupo Abril returned the rights of the MTV brand on Brazil to Viacom. On the next day, MTV Brasil becomes a new pay television channel, full-owned by Viacom. On the same day, the free-to-air network of the former MTV Brasil becomes the new "Ideal TV". Ideal was a former channel owned by Abril between 2007 and 2009.

In the same year, the broadcasting network of the Ideal TV (Abril Radiodifusão) was sold to Grupo Spring de Comunicação. Currently, Grupo Abril remains with the network licence because the Ministry of Communications not yet approved the sale. Still under the command of Abril, the network broadcasts the religious programming of the World Church of the Power of God, led by apostle Valdemiro Santiago. The apostle and his church pays a monthly amount for the Abril keep the network in the air, when the company is waiting the approval of the network sale. The programming of the church is only broadcast by the network because the Abril doesn't want to invest more on a television network with its own resources, and should convey religious programming of Valdemiro Santiago's World Church until the network sale be approved.

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