Infogrames Entertainment Logo 0


Infogrames 1985

The logo is an armadillo with the colors blue, green, yellow, red and purple on his back.

Infogrames (Horizontal)

Horizontal different version with orange and red instead of red and purple.


Alternative version.


Infogrames 1996

The logo is now more stylized.


Infogrames logo

The logo is slightly modified, there are no legs and a shadow is added. "Infogrames" is now on the middle of the Armadillo. This logo was used on games until 2003, when all of Infogrames' subsidiaries and divisions were rebranded Atari. The company itself was still called Infogrames Entertainment, SA. until 2009, when it too changed its name to an Atari branded name, that being Atari, SA.

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