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1994–1995 1995–2002 2002–2017 2017–present

Xtreme Software


Xtreme Software Logo (1994-1995).svg

Insomniac Games was founded as Xtreme Software on February 28, 1994.

Insomniac Games


Insomniac Games Logo (1995-2002).png

In 1995, Xtreme Software was renamed to Insomniac Games and debuted their first logo: a logo colored in red with the word "Insomniac' with an oversized "O" between the "S" and the "M" along with the word "Insomniac" outlined in the same color. This logo was first used on their first game, Disruptor.


Insomniac Games.svg

While Ratchet & Clank is in development in 2002, Insomniac Games has introduced their second logo, which had replaced the oversized "O" into a moon resembling the letter "O". The last game that had used this logo is the 2016 reimagining game of Ratchet & Clank.


Insomniac Games 2017.svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Niveau Grotesk Black
Launched:  Unknown

On September 20, 2017, Insomniac Games updated their logo by replacing the "O"-shaped moon on the word "Insomniac" with two crescents, which resembles the letter "O" just like the previous logo.

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