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2013–2015 2015–2020 2020-present

Intel Iris


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This was introduced with the Haswell laptop processor in 2013. Intel HD Graphics is still being used on low end to mid range laptops and most of laptops with discrete graphics cards from its rivals like Nvidia GeForce and AMD Radeon.

Intel Iris Plus


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This was introduced in 2015 alongside the Skylake architecture. Intel HD Graphics and UHD Graphics are still being used on most desktop CPUs (except F-series) and low end to mid range laptops and some laptops with discrete graphics cards from its rivals.

Intel Iris Xe


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Stylized as Intel iRIS Xe, this was introduced in 2020 alongside the Intel Evo mobile platform and the Ice Lake processors. Iris Xe is based on the Xe-LP variant of the Xe GPU architecture, for use in laptops and desktop PCs under the Iris Xe branding for integrate graphics in laptops and low-end discrete graphics card for desktop PCs, and Iris Xe MAX branding for discrete graphics chip in laptops respectively.

The Xe-HPG variant of the Intel Xe architecture is now branded as Intel Arc, as it was unveiled on March 30, 2022.

Iris Xe integrated graphics can be found on most G7-series of Intel Core i5 and i7 laptop processors. However, the Intel Xe-based UHD Graphics is still being used with laptops running on Celeron, Pentium, most Core i3 based laptops, some Core i5, i7 and i9 (under the H-series) based laptops and most of their desktop chips (except F-series Core CPUs).

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