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Banco Internacional del Perú, also known as Interbank, is one of Peru's leading financial institutions. It is focused on providing innovative products and a convenient and flexible service to its more than 2 million customers. Account with 275 financial stores, more than 1900 ATMs, the largest network in Peru and 3000 correspondents Interbank Agent nationwide.

Interbank is the second most profitable bank in the Peruvian banking system and maintains an increasing participation in personal loans, vehicles, mortgages, deposits of people and commercial banking.

Banco Internacional del Perú


Interbank 1897
Interbank was inaugurated on March 27, 1897.

When it was inaugurated, the bank's first logo was the letters "Banco Internacional del Perú" in Roman typography. This logo was used until the 60s, when the bank becomes Interbanc.



Interbanc 1960
In 1960, the bank was named Interbanc instead of "Banco Internacional del Perú" and its first logo was a wordmark of the name of that time in stylized Roman letters in pale blue.


Interbank 1979
In 1979, shortly before the return to democracy in Peru, the bank renewed its image.

The logo is now a stylized hexagon shaped like the letters "IB" and below it, the name Interbanc in a typeface similar to Garamound. This logo was used until the complete purchase of the bank from Carlos Rodríguez Pastor-Mendoza and his family and its subsequent renown to Interbank.



Interbank 1996

In November 1996, with the entire bank in the hands of the Rodríguez family, it was renamed to its current name of Interbank (actually it was the previous name, but changing the "c" to the "k") and with it, it would appear its already iconic blue stylized square border logo, and the recess, the new name formed by the letters "Inter" with the typography similar to the previous logo in turquoise and "bank" in a typeface similar to Arial and blue. On the facades, the logo appeared on a turquoise background with the word "Inter" in white and the inside of the square border in white.


Interbank 2009

In June 25, 2009, Interbank renewed the logo of the blue square border, clarifying in blue tone and rounding two of the tips of this one and the wordmark also changes, happening to be of a single green color and the typography happens to be a similar one to Cocon Bold.

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