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Intercorp Perú is a conglomerate of multinational companies of Peruvian origin, achieved revenues of more than $ 3 billion in 2011 and is among the three Peruvian brands that appear in the ranking of the 50 most valuable in the region.

The company is dedicated to the field of banking and insurance, retail, hotels, restaurants, real estate, education, administration, lottery and cinemas. It has presence in Peru and also some of its subsidiaries internationally.

Grupo Interbanc


Interbank 1979

The first logo used by the then Interbank Group was the same as that of its parent.

Grupo Interbank


Interbank 1996

With the name change, the group used the same logo as its matrix.


Interbank 2009
In 2009, the same current bank logo is used.



Intercorp 2014
In 2014, it adopts the name of "Intercorp" and adopted its own logo, which is the blue bordered square of Interbank, but changes the wordmark by the name of Intercorp.

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