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Interproperties 1998 Interproperties 2011
1998-2011 2011-present

Urbi Propiedades, commercially known as Interproperties, is a real estate company responsible for carrying out Interbank projects, whether housing or commercial.

Urbi Propiedades


Interproperties 1998

The first logo of the then called Urbi Properties consisted of the letters "URBI" in capital letters and dark blue, under the word "PROPIEDADES" also in dark blue and between, a gold line and above of the wordmark a dark orange rectangle triangle and over of the triangle, a orange square.



Interproperties 2011
In 2011, two years after the change of image of Interbank, the logo acquires the appearance of the logo of the first, and with the wordmark in turquoise, being called Interproperties, but retaining the previous name as corporate.

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