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1998-2009 2009-present
1998-2009 2009-present

Interseguro is the life insurer of Intercorp.

It was launched in 1998, through an alliance between Intercorp and the Bankers Trust Company, a partner of the largest insurer in Chile, the National Life Insurance Consortium. In 2000, Interbank acquired 100% of the shares and later sold 15% of them to the IFC (International Finance Corporation), a subsidiary of the world bank.

In 2009, Interseguro has a 22.8% share in the Peruvian market (first place) of all premiums for annuity policies, 17 13.6% in life insurance and 6.3% in total insurance .


Interseguro 1998.svg

Interseguro was created in 1998 as a life insurer for Intercorp.

Its first logo is very similar to Interbank, but with the word "Inter" light blue instead of turquoise and the word "bank" being replaced by the word "seguro".


Interseguro 2009.svg

In 2009, with the change of corporate image of Interbank, Interseguro also changes its logo with the Interbank standard, except that it is written "Interseguro" instead of Interbank and the color of the wordmark is now light blue.

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