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2012–2024 (official), 2012–present (nameplate) 2024–present
2012–2024 (official), 2012–present (nameplate) 2024–present

The JKT48 Theater (full name: Jakarta JKT48 Theater) is a place where the Indonesian idol group JKT48 holds their theater performances almost everyday. The theater is located at fX Sudirman, a shopping center in Central Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia. It is the first theater to be created for an international sister group of AKB48, and is a close replica of the AKB48 Theater. It has the capacity to hold an 350 person audience, with 250 seats and standing room for 100 people. The JKT48 Theater opened to the public on September 8, 2012.

The current theater general manager is Melody Nurramdhani Laksani (since August 1, 2015) and the current theater vice general manager is Shani Indira Natio (since May 11, 2024).

2012–2024 (official), 2012–present (nameplate)[]

Jakarta JKT48 Theater Logo

The 1st JKT48 Theater logo with the name "JAKARTA JKT48 THEATER" (September 2012–May 26, 2024), but is still used as a nameplate logo (September 2012–present)


Jakarta JKT48 Theater Logo 2024

The 2nd JKT48 Theater logo with the name "JAKARTA JKT48 THEATER" and is also used as the live streaming broadcasts (since May 30, 2024)