Founded in 2010 by the Slovak investment group J&T, JOJ Media House is a Slovak media group that operates the commercial TV broadcaster Televízia JOJ, consisting of TV JOJ and its sister channels, as well as the CS group of speciality TV channels. Besides, it owns several outdoor advertising firms in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Austria. It also owns the daily newspaper Novi list in Croatia and two regional newspapers in that country.

TV JOJ’s biggest television competitor in Slovakia is TV Markíza and its Czech counterpart TV Nova, both owned by Central European Media Enterprises, as well as the Slovak public broadcaster RTVS.


JOJ Media House.jpeg


JOJ Media House 2015.svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Panton
Launched:  5 October 2015

With the rebrand of TV JOJ in October 2015, JOJ Media House updated its logo to include the Panton font that was introduced by the channel.