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Not to be confused with Jak TV.
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2005–2009 2010–2011 2011–2015 2015–2020 2020–present
2005–2009 2010–2011 2011–2015 2015–2020 2020–present



JackTV Logo.png

The logo consists of the word "JACK" in yellow, outlined in red, with the bomb placed in the "C", and the "TV" in red, outlined in yellow, being placed next to them.



The logo was then modified with the bomb placed behind the word "JACK", and "TV" was also removed; this logo would be used until January 1, 2011.



Jacktv logo 2011.png
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Jack TV adopted a new logo on January 1, 2011, consisting of the name of the channel in yellow on a red rectangle. This was used until July 12, 2015.


Jack TV 2015 Logo.png
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Jack TV 2020.png
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On April 1, 2020, Jack TV ceased broadcasting as a pay TV channel due to programming redundancies as well as a lack of advertising support and cost-cutting measures as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic; however, it is slated to continue on their online media platforms.

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