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1989–1991 1991–1994 1994–1995 1995–2001, 2008–2013 2013–2023 2023–present

Learn Television[]


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Jackbox Games was founded in 1989 as Learn Television, an education entertainment company which developed trivia games for children.


Learn Television
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Learn Television SVG

Jellyvision Games[]

1995–2001, 2008–2013[]

Jellyvision Games
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Franklin Gothic ("GAMES")
Launched:  1995

In 1995, the company rebranded as Jellyvision Games and developed the first edition of You Don't Know Jack. Jellyvision Games would be shelved in 2001 and a new company known as The Jellyvision Lab would be launched the following year, with its focus being on business software rather than video games.

Jellyvision Games was then relaunched as a subsidiary of The Jellyvision Lab in 2008, eventually spinning off into its own separate company in 2011.

Jackbox Games[]


Jackbox Games

In June of 2013, the studio rebranded as Jackbox Games and announced that it would continue devloping social games for mobile and home entertainment devices like Roku and Ouya.



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