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Designer:  Spark Creative
Cantwell & Co
Zoic Studios
Typography:  Custom
Launched:  February 14, 2004

Jetix debuted on February 14, 2004 as a programming block on ABC Family and Toon Disney in the United States, after News Corporation (later 21st Century Fox) and Haim Saban sold the Fox Kids library to The Walt Disney Company as part of the sale of ABC Family (then known as Fox Family Channel) to Disney. In August of that year, Fox Kids (as a television network outside of the United States) was rebranded as Jetix in Latin America and France, and later on January 1, 2005 in the rest of Europe.

On February 14, 2009, Jetix merged with Toon Disney and rebranded as Disney XD (Disney Channel in certain European countries).

Fox Kids
Disney XD
Disney Channel (Eastern Europe/Israel)
Disney Channel (Russia)