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Magnolia old logo Jollibee 1975 Jollibee 1980 Jollibeelogo MASTERBRAND-LOGO
1975–1978 1978–1980 1980–1996 1996–2011 2011–present



Magnolia old logo

In 1975, Tony Tan and his family opened an ice cream parlor in Quezon City. The outlet would later serve hot meals and sandwiches upon request from customers. The meals became more popular than the ice cream itself, so the family decided to turn the ice cream parlor to a fast food restaurant which would later become the first Jollibee outlet in 1978.

Jollibee Yumburger


Jollibee 1975

The logo has the cursive text and the hamburger in above. During this time, Jollibee only had 5 branches nationwide.



Jollibee 1980

Launched in 1980, the logo was the longest-lived logo of Jollibee, consisting of Jollibee's face in a white burger shape in a red box, and a straightened Jollibee text.




A brand identity revamp in 1996 brought about a new logo, consisting of a rounded Jollibee text in VAG Rounded, and a better version of Jollibee's face, dropping the burger shape and the box that once enclosed the symbol. Also, Jollibee's face was moved from the center to the right and was slightly rotated.



While maintaining the design of the previous logo, it modified Jollibee's face and the text (modifying the b and turning the registered trademark symbol (®) from subscript to superscript).

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