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This graphic featured the old Jollibee wordmark and the slogan "Sarap ng Pilipino".


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Jollibee 2.png

This graphic features the old Jollibee wordmark (again) and on top of it, a script-written slogan, "Ang Sarap Maging At Home". The slogan uses the Kaufmann typeface.



When the new Jollibee logo was unveiled, a new graphic was featured, containing the Jollibee logo and the slogan "Atin ang Langhap-Sarap!"

Notable versions of this commercial have the logo coming out from a kissing mother and daughter, and the logo and slogan is on the upper left and a married couple are on the lower left. Both versions were used on Jollibee's 20th Anniversary. Another version has a plane passing by the logo.

Other versions have this logo and slogan on the lower left corner and on a red background. This appeared in a commercial promoting Jollibee Langhap Sarap Value Meals and Langhap Sarap Breakfast Value Meals. And only the Jollibee wordmark and slogan (the latter is in a different font) is on the upper left (this appeared on the Yum Burger commercial)

In 2000, the graphic was reduced to only include Jollibee's logo, with the "Atin ang Langhap-Sarap" jingle still being used until 2001.



The logo contained the slogan "Langhap-Sarap sa Jollibee", and the Jollibee symbol, with a message entitled "bee happy". The Jollibee wordmark, for the first time, is nowhere is to be seen.

2003 (25th Anniversary)

The logo features the Langhap-Sarap logo Jollibee used during that time, Jollibee's logo, and Jollibee's 25th anniversary logo with the slogan "Feeling Jollibee at 25, Walang kasing sarap". Another variation is where the sun rises from the Jollibee signage, and the text underneath reads "Dito ang sarap ng umaga" (seen in the ad for Jollibee's Breakfast Pancakes).


A new arc in red and two arcs in yellow became the new basis for the onscreen graphics of Jollibee, and when it was first used, it had the slogan, "Buhay Jollibee, Lalong Sumasarap" Also, the Jollibee symbol is only seen, and the Jollibee wordmark is nowhere to be seen. The arc wipes in from left to right. A new five-key jingle accompanied the graphic when it appears during the end of the commercial. Sometimes, the five-key jingle would have a simlar version, played in six keys. This would be later be recycled by Oishi to be used at the end of their commercials since 2012.

If it's a commercial promoting the Yumburger or Champ, the slogan it will appear as "Burgers Sa Jollibee, Lalong Sumasarap", or when the commercial promotes Jollibee Chickenjoy, it will appear as "Chickenjoy sa Jollibee, Lalong Sumasarap".

Another rare version has the slogan appearing as "Chicken sa Jollibee, Lalong Sumasarap". This appeared on a commercial promoting Jollibee Crispy Chicken Strips. The slogan used on a commercial promoting Jollibee Rice Bowls in late 2003 appeared as "Kain sa Jollibee, Lalong Sumasarap" and it is straight line on a transparent red background.




The basis was used again, this time, the red arc is now a red background, and the 2004 slogan was replaced by "Dito sa Jollibee, bida ang sarap!" (sometimes "Sa Jollibee, bida ang saya!" or rarely "Dito sa Jollibee, bida ang saya!" on Jollibee Kids Meal ads), in a curved basis. Jollibee's wordmark would continue to be nowhere to be seen until a new slogan graphic was introduced in 2006. A new nine-key jingle was also released, replacing the five-key jingle, and with new lyrics reading: "Sa Jollibee, Bida Ang Sarap!" The jingle can also be heard as a new five-key jingle with the lyrics only reading, "Bida Ang Sarap!" Though this graphic is no longer in use today, the jingle is still currently used as the present jingle of Jollibee.

Some commercials have the arcs and the logo on the lower thirds, both and on the red banner. The graphics is almost the same as the 2004 version, but the 2004 slogan was dropped and the 2005 curved slogan was below the Jollibee face. This was also used in posters in print ads. Some posters and print ads use the whole Jollibee logo on the banner.

On some commercials, the variations of the graphic were seen. These are the following:

  • The background may appear in green, with the arcs being formed by a movement of a flying bird (this variant was featured in a commercial promoting Jollibee's Fresh Green Salad)
  • The background may appear in light blue, with the arcs appearing to be frozen (this variant appeared in the Jollibee Ice Craze commercials)
  • The real life Jollibee mascot is at the left side of the screen, showing the list of branches that are soon to be opened
  • The curved slogan appears to be glowing, while the arcs appeared to be in flames and the red banner is also used (for Spicy Chickenjoy)
  • The logo, curved slogan and arcs appearing in a hologram effect with the red background fading in (for Jollibee Kids Meal's Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith)
  • The frozen arcs were formed from the movement of a multi-colored ball used throughout the commercial, while 15-second versions of the ad use the 30th anniversary logo (for Ice Craze Macapuno de Leche Special)
  • The logo is on a teal background, with the arcs colored in a very light shade of teal (for Breakfast Joys)
  • The logo having striped colored arcs (for Jolly 'Zerts)
  • The logo on a plain red background, with the first line of the curved slogan centered and slightly smaller (for Langhap-Sarap Merienda in early 2006)




The slogan was reduced to "Bida ang sarap!", (or sometimes "Bida ang saya!" for commercials promoting Jollibee Kids Meal, events sponsored by Jollibee, raffle promos and stories about people eating at Jollibee) the position of the slogan was straightened, and the Jollibee logo appeared as a whole logo again.

Like the previous version, sometimes, in commercials, the arcs and the logo are on the lower thirds and are positioned on the red banner. The Jollibee wordmark returned below the Jollibee face and the slogan "Bida ang sarap!" (or "Bida ang saya!") was on the left of the Jollibee logo. This was also used in posters in print ads. It was formally used in commercials when this graphic returned from 2009 until 2011.

Many special variants appeared during the graphic's usage. These are the following:

  • A light blue background with white arcs (which were not frozen, unlike the predecessor of this variant which appeared in 2005-2006). Also, the arcs appeared from a cloud of cold smoke and the slogan is tinted in a dark shade of blue. This variant was only used in the Jolly Frost Blends commercials.
  • Two white ribbons form the arcs, then it fades to the logo being pictured on a wedding invitation. It then flips over to the Jollibee Delivery number screen, also on a wedding invitation. This variant was only used in the ad for Jollibee Honey Spiced Chicken.
  • The arcs were formed from the movement of a black eighth note with the exclamation point on the slogan replaced by a red eighth note (for Yum Burgers)
  • The logo having green arcs (for the 2006 Christmas commercial)
  • The logo having arcs made of stars (for the 2007 "Langhap ang Sarap ng Pasko" christmas commercial, and reused in the 2008 Christmas ads, with the Jollibee logo on the lower-right corner)
  • The arcs are formed from the movement of a light flare, with a trail of pixie dust (for Jolly Spaghetti)
  • The arcs are formed by lights (for Jolly Hotdog)
  • The slogan is in a zig-zag position, bolder and all-caps (for Crispy Chicken Burger)
  • The colorful fiesta banners form the arcs (for Ice Craze Fiesta)
  • The logo being pictured on a TV (for Jollibee Kids Meal's The Simpsons Movie Carry-alls)
  • The logo with the arcs being formed in an opposite direction by the movement of a little girl's hand followed by the appearance of the rest of the logo by sparks (for Jollibee Kids Meal's Rugrats Pen Rockers)
  • The logo being wiped from left by a man (for Jolly Springfield Sunday)
  • The arcs are formed from a movement of a sparkler (for the 2007 calendar ad)
  • Two versions are being used on the first Jollibee 39ers TVC in 2007:
    • The full version has the logo formed by the arcs being wiped in by a sparkle on a small screen beside a female game show host in an orange dress moving her arms with a male contestant showing excitement beside her.
    • The short version has the same concept, but the picture with the meals and the Jollibee 39ers logo being cut directly to the normal on screen logo, but the Jollibee face is covered by the host's right hand
  • The arcs are formed from the movement of a paper airplane (for the 2007 "Forever Happy" commercial)
  • The logo being pictured on a stage curtain (for Spice! Spice! Burgers)
  • The logo being pictured on a Chickenjoy box (used for Kuwentong Chickenjoy)
  • The arcs are formed from the movement of a sun flare, while the Jollibee wordmark below the face is smaller (for Super Breakfast Joys)

2008–2009 (30th Anniversary)

Jollibee 7.png

The graphic just contained Jollibee's 30th anniversary logo (where the animated Jollibee mascot peeks out from the 0 (with the globe inside) in "30") and the slogan "Langhap-sarap, bida sa lahat!" In the end of the main commercial of Jollibee's 30th anniversary, the logo appeared differently. The animated Jollibee mascot, which appeared in other commercials, was replaced by a real-life version of the Jollibee mascot. Beside it, the slogan instead reads "Thank you for 30 Langhap-sarap years", a series of the names of the countries that already have Jollibee branches appears, both appearing with a background of the Hundred Islands in the Philippines.

On some commercials, the red banner was used, but the slogan "Bida ang sarap!" was replaced by "Langhap-sarap, bida sa lahat!" in two lines and the then-current Jollibee logo was replaced by Jollibee's 30th anniversary logo. This was also used in posters and print ads.




It's just the same as the 2006 version, but the red arc banner was used once again. Because of this, it is similar to the 2004 banner, but the banner was horizontal instead of diagonal and the 2004 slogan was replaced by "Bida ang sarap!" (or "Bida ang saya!") and the Jollibee logo appeared as the whole logo again, like the 2006 version.

Other versions of this includes:

  • The light blue banner with the frozen arcs from the 2006 Ice Craze TVC and the slogan was dropped. This variant only appeared in the Ice Craze Mango Caramel Surprise commercial in 2009.
  • The same light blue banner was used, but in a different shade, and the arcs were plain white instead. Also, the slogan "Bida ang sarap!" was also present. This was only used in the Jollibee Float commercials in 2011, as well as in the Choco Crumble Sundae commercial (minus the slogan), few months before the new 2011 logo was introduced.
  • There is also a variation in the 2010 "Maaga ang Pasko" commercial, where the slogan is replaced by "Visit us today!" (but not italicized).
  • The banner, logo, slogan and arcs appearing with a waving flag effect (for Yum Burger)
  • The banner formed by the movement of an flaming ember (for Spicy Jollibee Chicken Barbecue)
  • The logo having its shiny banner and arcs (for the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen hydration bottles ad)
  • The arcs appearing and forming on a black banner (which becomes red), from a movement of a light flare with the slogan and logo fading in (for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse tumblers ad)
  • The banner, arcs, slogan and logo appearing in a pixelation effect (for Crunchy Chicken Burger)
  • The arcs shine and sparkle as they were formed (for the 2010 Christmas commercial)

In early 2011, several print ads use the 2005 banner (with the whole logo), before the new 2011 logo.


2011–2013, 2015–present

Jollibee 8.png

The graphic just features Jollibee's 2011 logo. Also, the five-key version of Jollibee's jingle had a new version which is almost the same tune as the former, this time played in nine or eight keys reading as "Ang Saya ng Langhap-Sarap!", which is also currently used as one of Jollibee's present jingles, and the jingle came out in November 2011. This graphic rarely appears on commercials.

2013 (35th Anniversary)

Jollibee 9.png

The 35th anniversary logo of Jollibee was used as a slogan graphic, first used in January 2013, and appearing against the topic of the commercial. This logo features two ribbons (one in red, the other in orange) forming the number 35 (with "years" beside it), and the slogan "Dito ang sarap maging pamilya."


Jollibee 2014.jpeg

It's the same as the 2006-2011 banner, but without the arcs. It also uses the current Jollibee logo, a shadow beneath it and the same 35th Anniversary slogan. On posters and print ads, it uses the website URL, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts and a hotline. Sometimes, the slogan is replaced by the product's tagline.

2018 (40th Anniversary)

Jollibee 40 years.jpg

In 2018, Jollibee celebrated its 40th anniversary with the jingle "Apat na Dekada". The 40th anniversary logo features the Jollibee mascot raising his hands, a globe with colorful rectangles with the text reads "40 YEARS OF Jollibee", and an arrow that goes around the globe with the text that reads "Bringing joy to the world".

This logo is only used in the ad for Jolly Kiddie Meal's Jollibee Around the World.

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