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Rádio Panamericana wordmark 1944 Jovem Pan JP wordmark Jovem Pan 1 logo Jovem-pan-am-90s Jovem Pan logo
1944-1965 1965-1976 1976-1990s 1990s-2013 2013-2016


Jovem Pan News logo JP News 2018 horizontal
2013-2018 2018-present

Rádio Panamericana


Rádio Panamericana wordmark 1944

Jovem Pan was established in May 3, 1944 by Julio Cosi and Oduvaldo Viana as "Rádio Panamericana". During this period, Panamericana used several wordmarks in newspapers ads. Most common use of wordmark are in Erbar typeface or in various serifed font-families. The radio was purchased by Paulo Machado de Carvalho, owner of Emissoras Unidas, in 1945.

Rádio Jovem Pan


Jovem Pan JP wordmark

The radio was renominated as "Jovem Pan" in 1965. The new name are influenced by the Portuguese word "jovem" (in English, young), used by various nomenclatures, like as in "jovem guarda".

Jovem Pan 1


Jovem Pan 1 logo

The logo with wordmark and info of the radio station, used after the creation of Jovem Pan 2 FM.

Jovem Pan AM



The stations identification by numbers was estinguished, so the station was renamed to Jovem Pan AM.


Jovem Pan logo

A circle that came from its music station Jovem Pan FM (used since the 90s) was added behind the wordmark, that gained slightly rounded corners.

Jovem Pan News


Jovem Pan News logo

In 2013, Jovem Pan announced that Jovem Pan AM would switch its format from full-service to news radio. During this transition, Jovem Pan News broadcasting had a different signal, but with some shows simulcasted for the AM signal, which gradually was being replaced by the new one until 2016, when the transition was completed.

Jovem Pan Notícias (2016-2018)

JP Noticias 2015

Created in 2016, it was the multi-platform news extension of Jovem Pan via social media and live video broadcasts of its radio shows on Youtube and its portal.


JP News 2018 horizontal

In 2018, Jovem Pan unified its stations and multi-platform's brand identities. From then on, "Jovem Pan Notícias" was renamed to "Jovem Pan News", as its radio counterpart, whose web page was absorbed to the main news portal.

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