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2003 (Copenhagen, Denmark)

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Croatia won with the song, Ti si moja prva ljubav, performed by Dino Jelusić.

2004 (Lillehammer, Norway)


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Spain won with the song, Antes muerta que sencilla, performed by María Isabel.

2005 (Hasselt, Belgium)

"Let's Get Loud"


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Belarus won with the song, My vmeste, performed by Ksenia Sitnik.

2006 (Bucharest, Romania)

"Let the Music Play"


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Russia won with the song, Veseniy Jazz, performed by the Tolmachevy Twins.

2007 (Rotterdam, Netherlands)

"Make a big Splash"

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Belarus won with the song, S' druzyami, performed by Alexey Zhigalkovich.

2008 (Limassol, Cyprus)

"Fun in the Sun"

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Georgia won with the song, Bzzz, performed by Bzikebi.

2009 (Kyiv, Ukraine)

"For the Joy of the People"

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The Netherlands won with the song, Click Clack, performed by Ralf Mackenbach.

2010 (Minsk, Belarus)

"Feel the Magic"

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Armenia won with the song, Mama, performed by Vladimir Arzumanyan.

2011 (Yerevan, Armenia)

"Reach for the Top"

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Georgia won with the song, Candy Music, performed by CANDY.

2012 (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

"Break the Ice"

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Ukraine won with the song, Nebo, performed by Anastasiya Petryk.

2013 (Kyiv, Ukraine)

"Be Creative"

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Malta won with the song, The Start, performed by Gaia Cauchi.

2014 (Marsa, Malta)


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Italy won with the song, Tu primo grande amore, performed by Vincenzo Cantiello.

2015 (Sofia, Bulgaria)


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The contest was hosted by the bulgarian representantive for ESC 2011, Poli Genova.

Malta won with the song, Not My Soul, performed by Destiny Chukunyere.

2016 (Valletta, Malta)


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Georgia won with the song, Mzeo, performed by Mariam Mamadashvilli.

2017 (Tbilisi, Georgia)

"Shine Bright"

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Russia won with the song, Wings, performed by Polina Bogusevich.

2018 (Minsk, Belarus)


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2018 saw a record number of contestants (20), which included the debut of Kazakhstan (Khabar Agency) and Wales (S4C).

Poland won with the song, Anyone I Want To Be, performed by Roksana Węgiel.

2019 (Gliwice-Silesia, Poland)

"Share The Joy"


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The logo and slogan was unveiled on 13 May 2019. The logo features a brightly colored kite to symbolize freedom, light and shared joyous moments. The creative concept represents how working together makes us better, stronger and can bring joy and happiness as we celebrate the beautiful things in life. The contest was held at the Gliwice Arena on 24 November 2019.

Poland won for the second time in a row with the song, Superhero, performed by Viki Gabor.

2020 (Warsaw, Poland)


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The logo and slogan was unveiled on 16 May 2019 during a special Eurovision Shine a Light show. when the Eurovision Rotterdam 2020 was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. The contest is planned to be held in Warsaw, Poland on 29 November 2020 becoming the first country to host the contest two years in a row.

The creative concept behind the slogan is that, as children, we mistakenly believe all important things are done by renowned people: scientists, astronauts, athletes and actors. We want to become them because, in our eyes, they are the ones moving the world. But this is not the case: every day, millions of people around the world perform their day-to-day duties with capability and care. Together, they are the ones really moving the world. This year's slogan honours the collective power we hold together.

This year marks the debut of Germany.

France won with the song, J'imagine, performed by Valentina.

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