Justin Bieber 2009 logo

Justin Bieber was first discovered in 2008, when Scooter Braun clicked and watched Justin Bieber's videos on YouTube when in January 2007, Justin Bieber performed on the local Stratford Idol, in the city when he was born and lived (March 1, 1994).

The first Justin Bieber logo, was used on the release of his first single, One Time, in May 2009. This logo was short-lived until October 2009.




In October-November 2009, this logo was premiered on the release of his single One Less Lonely Girl and his first album My World. This became a popular Justin Bieber logo in 2010-2011, when Justin Bieber released his album My World 2.0 and his popular single Baby, Somebody to Love and Never Say Never.


Justin Bieber 2012 logo

In 2012, Justin Bieber updated its logo, and the letter space was widened. This logo was premiered on the release of his single Boyfriend in March 2012 and his album Believe in June 2012.


Justin Bieber 2013 logo

The more widened letter space version of the logo was used since 2013, when he released his singles from his program Music Mondays and his album Journals, including Heartbreaker, Hold Tight, Bad Day, PYD, etc. This wordmark was used along with the 2012 logo. The logo with the same font was first used earlier in 2011 on Someday By Justin Bieber logo. With this logo, Justin Bieber went on hiatus.


Justin Bieber logo 2015

This logo was first seen in his store and premiered on the release of his song What Do You Mean? in August 2015 and to promote his album Purpose in November 2015. This logo was only used on his singles and not used on his album.


Justin Bieber logo 2020

This logo was used to promote his album Changes, which was announced on January 28, 2020 and released on February 14, 2020.

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