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Originally signed on the air on October 31, 1983 as KSAF-TV, a locally owned general entertainment independent station on VHF channel 2.



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On March 1, 1985, channel 2 became known as KNMZ-TV and began running cartoons, old sitcoms and other shows that had previously aired on KNAT-TV (UHF channel 23), which had recently gone dark (it returned the next year as a TBN affiliate).



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KNMZ-TV was sold the next year to New Mexico Media Limited License Holdings, then in late 1987 to Las Vegas-based Sunbelt Communications Company. The deal closed in early 1988 and the format stayed the same, then on September 4, 1989 the station changed call letters to KKTO-TV. The "2" logo and the two fingers are resembles the one used by WKAQ-TV in San Juan from 1993 to 1997.


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In the fall of 1992, after being unable to turn a profit as an independent station and to focus on its profitable NBC affiliates in Nevada, Sunbelt took KKTO-TV dark, with the station's strongest programming (including The Disney Afternoon) moving to KGSW-TV. Later that fall, the channel 2 license was sold to the Providence Journal Company, which moved the KGSW intellectual unit to channel 2 and surrendered its old channel 14 license to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on April 5, 1993. (Channel 14 is now occupied by KLUZ-TV, a Univision affiliate.) Two months earlier, on February 2, 1993, the station's call letters were changed to KASA-TV, based on the Spanish word casa ("home"). Raycom Media purchased KASA-TV and NBC affiliate KHNL (VHF channel 13) in Honolulu in 1999. On July 27, 2006, Raycom announced that LIN Media, owner of CBS affiliate KRQE, was purchasing KASA for $55 million. The takeover took effect on September 15, 2006.


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On June 30, 2016, Nexstar Media Group (owner of CBS affiliate KRQE) sold channel 2 to Ramar Communications, owner of Telemundo affiliate KTEL-CD (UHF channel 15), Movies! affiliate KUPT-LD (UHF channel 16), and MeTV affiliate KRTN-LD (UHF channel 33), for $2.5 million. The Fox affiliation was moved down as a subchannel of KRQE on channel 13.2


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In 2021, the station was sold to NBCUniversal.