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KAUT (-TV, first era)


KAUT 1980.png

KAUT started broadcasting on September 24, 1980. It was partly owned by actor Gene Autry, hence the callsign.




KTLC 1985.jpeg

This logo lasted for 13 years (until 1998), having survived a callsign change in 1992.

On July 25, 1986, the station agreed to affiliate with the fledgling Fox Broadcasting Company as one of its original charter affiliates, which came into effect on October 9, 1986.


KTLC 1990.png


KTLC 1991.png

On August 15, 1991, KAUT-TV was sold to the Oklahoma Educational Television Authority, becoming a secondary public television station for the Oklahoma City market for the next eight years and rebranded as "The Literacy Channel 43" (retaining the Fox-era circle and star "43" logo). The Fox affiliation meanwhile, moved to KOKH-TV.

The OETA had planned to develop a secondary PBS member station for the Oklahoma City market since 1988, when it was involved in an aborted plan in which Pappas Telecasting Companies attempted to acquire KOKH with the intent of consolidating the entertainment programming inventories of KOCB (channel 34) and KAUT — including the Fox affiliation — and migrating them onto KOKH's programming schedule. Whereas the Pappas proposal intended to make KOKH the market's lone "independent" station, the Heritage deal only eliminated KAUT as an independent competitor.


1992–June 1998

In 1992, the station's call letters were changed to KTLC, which continued to use the logo above until 1998.


June–November 1998

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The Paramount Stations Group subsidiary of Viacom (now ViacomCBS) purchased KTLC from the OETA in January 1998 in order to get a UPN affiliate in the Oklahoma City market (then-affiliate KOCB switched its affiliation to The WB). The PSG portion of the callsign refers to its owner at the time, who also owned then-sister station WPSG in Philadelphia at the time.

KAUT-TV (second era)

November 1998–2001

In November 1998, the KAUT call letters were reinstated shortly after the death of former owner Gene Autry, and the station continued to use the logo above until 2001.


Kaut43 oklahoma.jpg


Kaut upn43 oklahoma city.jpg
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In September 2002, UPN unveiled a new logo. KAUT's logo was updated accordingly, retaining the Futura "43" from the 1998 design (differing somewhat from the logo layouts of Paramount Stations Group's other UPN owned-and-operated stations during that time period).



On September 15, 2005, The New York Times Company agreed to purchase KAUT from Viacom. This created a duopoly with KFOR-TV, the area's NBC affiliate. The deal was completed November of the same year. The NYT's broadcasting division, through a series of acquisitions, eventually became part of the Tribune Media Company's broadcasting division. In 2006, when UPN and The WB were merged to form The CW, KAUT joined MyNetworkTV (as WB affiliate KOCB picked up The CW) and changed its name to OK43, eschewing the network's standardized branding.


KAUT OK43.jpg


KAUT 2011.jpg

In September 2012, KSBI took over the MyNetworkTV affiliation for the Oklahoma City market, which resulted in KAUT becoming an independent station by default.