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1997–December 2010


KCET launched a new on-screen identity and a new slogan "Infinitely More" in 1997. A new font was selected and the letters "C" and "E" are connected together shaped like an infinite sign.

January 2011–2017

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When KCET was unable to reach an agreement to continue being a PBS member station on October 8, 2010, it planned to become independent effective January 1st, 2011 and made changes to the logo. The logo was given a 3D look and the font was slightly altered. The same day that KCET launched a new logo, it launched a new slogan "Rethink TV" as well, similar to AT&T's slogan "Rethink Possible". From December 2011 to November 2012, the slogan was changed to "Where the Story Really Gets Good". The long-time slogan "Infinitely More" returned in November 2012 and was used until recently, when it adopted the slogan "Local. Global. Connected.".


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In April 2018, KCET announced a merger with KOCE, the market's primary PBS station since KCET left the network in 2011. After the merger, KCET returned to PBS as a secondary member station.

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