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KELO-TV signed on air in 1953 as South Dakota's first television station. The station was a NBC affiliate carrying secondary affiliations with ABC, CBS and DuMont. In 1955, KELO would open a sister station: KDLO-TV (channel 3) in Florence. Both stations were owned by Midcontinent Media at that time.



In 1957, KELO opened KDLO-TV (channel 6) in Reliance serving Pierre. In 1960, KSOO-TV (channel 13, now KSFY-TV) signed on which led to KELO becoming a sole CBS affiliate.



In 1981, KELO would open K15AC in Rapid City. Previously, select CBS programming was carried on KOTA-TV and KEVN while KMGH-TV (currently a ABC affiliate) from Denver was carried on cable in Rapid City. In 1988, K15AC was converted to a full-power signal as KCLO-TV.


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In 1995, Midcontinent sold KELO-TV and its sister stations to Young Broadcasting. In 2004, KELO would debut a UPN affiliate called UTV on their Sioux Falls stations. UTV replaced KCPO-LP as the UPN affiliate for the Sioux Falls area. However, UTV wasn't available in Rapid City as UPN was carried on KCPO's sattelite station, KCPL-LP. In 2006, CBS Corporation (UPN's then-owner) and Time Warner (owner of UPN's then-rival The WB) announced that both UPN and The WB would merge to become The CW. KWSD (channel 36) was selected to become a charter affiliate for The CW in Sioux Falls while KWBH-LP (channel 27) was selected as a charter affiliate for The CW in Rapid City. That same year, Fox announced that they would launch MyNetworkTV as a new network to compete with The CW. KELO-TV announced in February of 2006, that UTV was selected to join MyTV on all of its Sioux Falls stations. KELO renamed UTV to MyUTV in anticipation for the network's launch in September 5 of that year. In 2013, Young Broadcasting (including KELO-TV) was sold to Media General. In 2017, Nexstar Media Group merged with Media General. That same year, CW programming would move to KCLO-TV on a digital subchannel.