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1954–1959 1959–1978 (primary); 1978–1983 (secondary) 1978–1991 1991–1997 1997–2006
1954–1959 1959–1978 (primary); 1978–1983 (secondary) 1978–1991 1991–1997 1997–2006
2006–2014 (United States), 2006–2018 (Worldwide), 2006–present (China) 2014–2018 (Worldwide except China) 2016–present (North America), 2018–present (International) 2018–present; 2020–present (China)
2006–2014 (United States), 2006–2018 (Worldwide), 2006–present (China) 2014–2018 (Worldwide except China) 2016–present (North America), 2018–present (International) 2018–present; 2020–present (China)

Kentucky Fried Chicken


KFC - 1954.png
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This logo was adopted for the first set of standalone Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise restaurants in 1954.

1959–1978 (primary); 1978–1983 (secondary)

KFC 1959.svg

In 1965, the image of Colonel Sanders now used in the 2016 logo was added beside the brush lettering. Even after the introduction of the 1978 logo, the text of the 1959 logo continued to appear on KFC packaging until 1982, when it was replaced outright.


Kentucky Fried Chicken 1978.svg

In 1978, the logo was largely updated for the first time and KFC adopted a new design including the mansard roof and the cubic tower on the center front of their restaurants. The Colonel Sanders head icon was also updated, becoming an abstract design.




The 1991 logo was the first logo to have the company refer to itself as "KFC" rather than "Kentucky Fried Chicken". The reasoning KFC gave behind this was that the word "fried" was often associated with very unhealthy foods and that their menu went beyond just fried chicken, though other rumors state that it was changed due to the use of the word "chicken". With this logo, the signature mansard roofs on restaurants were updated from the brown shingles to the new red plastic strips. The Colonel Sanders head icon from the 1978 logo is still used.

1997–2006 (Worldwide); 1997–2007 (Philippines)

KFC logo.svg
Designer:  Landor Associates
Typography:  Friz Quadrata ITC Bold (modified)
Launched:  Unknown

This logo was designed by Landor Associates. Along with this logo, new and remodeled restaurants took away their mansard roof from the two previous logos, and now have a flat roof and awnings directly above the windows and entrances. The signature tower was made thicker and edgier with a flatter pyramid, and new restaurants placed the tower on one of the corners of the front end rather than in the middle, though remodeled restaurants usually kept the tower in the middle where they were when they were first built. This logo is still seen and used at some locations. The Colonel Sanders head icon from the last two logos is replaced with a new, more detailed, Colonel Sanders symbol showing his tuxedo. This logo was still used in the Philippines until 2007.

2006–2014 (United States); 2006–2018 (Worldwide); 2006–2021 (China)


In 2006, the Colonel Sanders symbol was given a facelift, removing the wrinkles and replacing his tuxedo with an apron. The logo now has thicker lines on it, which help it stand out more. New and remodeled restaurants with this logo were updated once again, only with awnings flatter than from the previous logo and only above the windows where the tower stands, and have hanging black platforms with the words "WELCOME" and "DRIVE THRU" above the front doors and pick-up window, respectively. This logo is still used in China until 2021.

2014–present (Worldwide except China)


KFC (2014).svg

The company started using this throwback logo, a homage to the 1952 and 1978 logos, on recent advertising starting in January 2014.

In 2016, the whole new look was launched with keeping some elements from the 2006 logo. Since 2017, the new design began to roll out worldwide. Also, it is the first logo since the 1991 logo where the Colonel Sanders head icon is used. China is the only country to not have this logo.

2016–present (North America), 2018–present (International)

KFC 2016 2.svg

Starting in 2016, a revitalised version of the 1959 logo with the addition of the Colonel Sanders image first introduced in 1965 has been used as an alternate logo for KFC advertisements. Since 2019, however, it has outright replaced the 2018 KFC logo in North American advertising and packaging.

2018–present; 2020–present (China)

KFC (2018).svg

In late 2018, a new version of the logo was introduced across many countries. The illustration of Colonel Sanders' head was modified slightly, noticeably by making his right ear clearer to see. The wordmark was altered significantly, taking on a more slab-serif appearance. This logo resembles the KFC Bucket. Some countries still use previous designs, while others such as the Philippines introduced this in 2019 and China in 2020.

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