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Originally signed on the air on July 4, 1962 as KTRG, an independent television station on VHF channel 13 and was first owned by the Watumull Broadcasting Company.



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In 1967, KTRG changed its call sign to KIKU.


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Mid-Pacific Television Associates, owned by the Cushman family of San Diego in partnership with TV Asahi and ten local investors, bought the station on April 9, 1979.



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In 1984, the station's callsign was changed to the current KHNL (the KIKU call letters now reside on an unrelated station on UHF channel 20 in Honolulu), it then branded itself as the "News Alternative" and "Free Movie Channel"; the station also acquired the rights to broadcast University of Hawaii at Manoa sporting events. Seattle-based King Broadcasting Company acquired channel 13 in 1986 and was their first and only independent station and also the only Hawaii station on their broadcasting portfolio. It eventually became a charter affiliate of Fox (becoming one of a few handful of stations to carry the new network at its launch that was on the VHF dial) on October 9 of that year, which at the time aired only a late night talk show The Late Show Starring Joan Rivers; prime time programming followed in April 1987 with such series as The Tracey Ullman Show and Married...With Children.


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The Bullitts sold their broadcasting assets to the Providence Journal Company in 1992, and was later acquired by Belo in 1997.


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In 1993, KHNL began to advertise itself as Fox 13 Hawaii, despite the fact that the station had been a Fox affiliate since the network launched in 1986.



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In April 1995, in a bizarre move, KHNL branded its logo as "News 8" to represent their new affiliation when their Fox affiliation runs out in 1996.


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On January 1, 1996, KHNL swapped affiliations with KHON-TV (channel 2), becoming the NBC affiliate for Hawaii's market as part of a group affiliation deal with SF Broadcasting who purchased four stations (including KHON-TV) from Burnham Broadcasting and become Fox affiliates; KHNL then became known on-air as "NBC Hawaii News 8" (still on channel 13). On October 29, 1999, Belo sold KHNL and its LMA with KFVE to Raycom Media, along with KASA-TV in Albuquerque, New Mexico (now a Telemundo owned-and-operated station). Raycom acquired KFVE outright two months after the company completed its purchase of KHNL, creating one of the first official commercially licensed duopolies in the country.


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On October 26, 2009, KHNL changed its branding from "KHNL NBC 8" to "KHNL" (still NBC) to reflect its cable and satellite channel assignments (Hawaiian Telecom carried on channel 8, DirecTV and Dish Network carried on channel 13).

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