KLDO-TV was launched in 1984 as a ABC affiliate, but years after its launch cable providers piped KIII-TV from Corpus Christi and KSAT-TV from San Antonio which led into problems between channel 27 and ABC themselves. The station was disaffiliated from the network in 1988 after reaching a deal with Telemundo.


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In 1997, Entravision Communications purchased KLDO-TV but however, One of Telemundo's then-partners TV Azteca opened XHLAT-TV (carrying Azteca 7) and XHLNA-TV (carrying Azteca Trece) in Nuevo Laredo which led to KLDO switching to Univision in 1998 due to a longtime partnership between the network and Entravision. This was due to Univision having to expand further into more areas rather than being on cable and that the network's longtime partner was Televisa (which was TV Azteca's lontime rival) and that the company benefited from XHBR-TV (then on channel 11, which was a Canal 5 relay at that time) and then-Fox-affiliate XHFTX-TV on the US side of the market. (then on channel 57, currently a Las Estrellas relay as XHLAR-TV)


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