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1953–1962 1962–1982 1982–1994 1994–1999 1999–present
1953–1962 1962–1982 1982–1994 1994–1999 1999–present


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Originally signed on the air on September 28, 1953, less than a week before KGGM-TV (channel 13, now KRQE). It was locally owned by Albert M. Cadwell & Walter Stiles. The local owners sold the station to Alvarado Television (the owner of KVOA in Tucson) in 1957.


KOAT-TV 1979.png

By this point, the "Circle 7" began to bear, more or less, a resemblance to what it is today. The Steinmans sold both KOAT and KVOA to the Pulitzer Publishing Company, the then-owner of KSD-TV (now KSDK) in St. Louis, in 1969. This made KOAT Pulitzer's second television station acquisition outside of its home city of St. Louis; the KOAT acquisition was consummated a year after Pulitzer closed on its purchase of KVOA. A decade later, the other two Steinman stations were sold to Pulitzer as well, reuniting them with KOAT (KVOA was spun off in 1972).


KOAT (1983-1989).PNG

KOAT adopted the slogan "New Mexico's News Leader" by this time, which remained until 1999.


Circle 7 1962.svg

The standard "Circle 7" logo used by other owned-and-operated stations was introduced for this station in 1994.


Hearst-Argyle Television acquired Pulitzer's entire broadcasting division for $1.8 billion in 1998, the sale was finalized on March 18 of the following year (1999).


KOAT NM-1999.svg

Around late 1999, KOAT's primary slogan became "Coverage You Can Count On", which remains to this day.

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